Antoine Girard

French engineering student and freelancer

About me

Antoine Girard

I am passionate about IT and new technologies.
My domains of predilection are, web and connected objects.
My current goal is to acquire the knowledge and develop the necessary skills to become Computer Engineer specialized in the field of new technologies.


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    Since 2016

    Lead developer & Assistant project manager

    Developping EISTI’s e-learning platform and contribution on research project PLACIS : developping and fix functionnalities, code verification, setting up developpment tools, manage users’demands and writing bill of specifications.

  • Since 2015

    Creation of my self-company

    For several years I have done web development, both for personal and school projects.
    Arriving at EISTI I could join a computer science association and improve my expertise. So I decided to create my self-company to answer web development needs.

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    2014 - 2019 (expected)

    Preparation of engineering degree

    I am currently preparing an engineering degree at EISTI Cergy near Paris.
    This training gives me the necessary background knowledge in the field of engineering information processing sciences.
    This training also allows me to get a mathematical and IT licence of the UCP.

  • July 2014

    Obtaining Scientific French Baccalaureate: Engineering Sciences

    The success of this exam with honors, allowed me to join an engineering school with the required knowledge.
    I prepared this exam at Charles de Gaulle high school of Poissy, in which I have done multiple projects with a technological character.


AREL Since 2016

AREL is EISTI's e-learning platform. On this platform students can have planning, courses, scolarity informations (marks, absences), etc. Every students use this platform evryday. When students have a project they also submit their deliverables via this platform.
AREL continually evolve with the EISTI information systems (LDAP, SAP, Gitlab CI) and users’demands.

Skills: HTML, CSS, JS, Java, Srping MVC & Security, Maven, Git, Jenkins, Project management

ATILLA Since 2014

ATILLA is a students'hackerspace in EISTI. She specializes in the field of alternative and open software.
We develop services for EISTI students but also talks, trainings and conferences. I contribute passionately to projects and the life of the association.
You can find some of my contributions on GitHub and on YouTube.

Skills: HTML, CSS, Python, PHP, Databases, Linux, Adminsys

RScan 2013 - 2014

Project realized as part of my studies at Charles de Gaulle High School.
We have made with Alex Legrand and Axel Fournier a product tracking project based on RFID technology.
Our wish was to facilitate the consumer's life during checkout, a product recall, or even the use of a smart refrigerator for example.

Skills: HTML, CSS, PHP, Databases, API, Arduino

NoeCompany 2012 - 2013

Project realized as part of my studies at Charles de Gaulle High School.
We have created with Alex Legrand and Fabien Alexandrine a connected alarm that detects flood at home.
I developed the management web-interface and an API to communicate with the product.

Skills: HTML, CSS, PHP, Databases, API, Arduino


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Divide and Conquer, Sorting and Searching, and Randomized Algorithms
Stanford University on Coursera - CTRBZTHHLH62